Stop using clichés like: 'Women are from another planet; who can understand them?" and try to notice and understand her gestures; you may find out that she likes you. We all know that it's not hard at all to read between the lines when it comes about flirt. After all, what matters is to make an effort in order to get what you want and to get into the unpredictable game of relationships. In the end, it may help you to find the girl of your dreams.
How to find out if she likes you?

1. She will always look into your eyes while talking. Often, this means sincerity, and she wishes to be appreciated primarily for that.

2. At first, she will avoid any context where you can watch her eating. And this is not because she's mad about diets; remember that most women simply don't feel comfortable in this posture when they try to impress.

3. She tries to outline her physical strengths. That doesn't mean that she wears very short skirts and high heels at the first date, but that she feels good with herself. She's not afraid to express this through image and eventually wants to receive some subtle compliments from you.

4. She becomes slightly defensive when the people around seem curious about the possible relationship between you.

5. She tends to disapprove the arguments you brought in the favor of other woman.

6. She spoils you subtly and expresses her admiration towards the things you like.

7. Your date partner smiles more when she's near you, being shy and talking about things that you might be interested in.

8. She tries to come next to you through different gestures and talks about her lacks when she wants to receive compliments.

9. She keeps her legs crossed and changes their position often.

10. She touches your arm slightly when she laughs;